Do you make enough space for pleasure in your life?

How easily can you connect to your body? 

Do you feel subtle guilt in following your joy?


The old patterns we have that hold us back in life can be transformed without hard work, without therapy, but through conscious pleasure.

Working tantrically allows us to release trauma and contractions held in the body.

Patterns of behaviour shift and evolve. We find new ways to connect with our own bodies. A new ease enters our relating with others and our ability to consciously touch a loved one.

Through bodywork, energy work, meditation and massage, we can relearn how to release what is holding us back, and recondition those negative patterns we’ve built as a survival technique.

This is truly life transforming work!

"I felt more alive than I had in years."

"I feel stronger and more solid in my body."

"Opening my heart, so that sex and heart were paired."

"Through breathwork, touch, massage and more, Jem has enabled me to access energy pathways and feelings I never knew I had."

"I can't speak highly enough of Jem. She is gifted, honest, skilled and is a living example of how pleasure can be generated inside oneself and then shared out there in the world."

"If you are intrigued by what Tantra can offer, or are searching for more meaning and a deeper experience of sexuality, then I strongly recommend you meet with Jem."

"I just feel so looked after by Jem and her heart-focussed approach to Tantra."

"What Jem does is another level."

"Floating, vibrating, orgasmic, smiling, heaven, nirvana, bliss, thankful, appreciative... just some of the descriptions from today's session."