About Me

My name is Jem and I’ve been studying Tantra for nearly ten years, with a variety of schools and teachers.

In my 20’s I thought the sex and pleasure I was having in my body was fine.  I didn’t think I had any problems.  It wasn’t till I started working with tantra and consciously looking at how I experience pleasure that I realised all the blocks where I was holding myself back. I had self-doubt hidden so deeply inside myself I couldn’t see it, and neither could anyone else from the mask I was presenting to keep the vulnerability hidden.

After my first tantra weekend I had such a huge release of deep rooted emotions and limiting beliefs, through bodywork that my life just opened up in front of me. I have been studying tantra now intensely as part of my own self-development journey., and have used it to heal many aspects of my life, including issues within relating and intimacy.

I want those I work with to fully recognise their magnificence and step into their highest potential.  I believe strongly in the healing power of intention, and how raising energy through tantric practise and ritual can be used to rocket us in achieving happiness, health and abundance in all aspects of your life.

What limiting beliefs are you holding about yourself as a sexual and sensual being? Looking at dissolving those negative beliefs that block us and keep us small is an important aspect of my work.

I wish for those I work with to experience having a deeply authentic relationship with themselves in pleasure.  How can we be satisfied with others, if we are holding back from ourselves?

I’ve always found learning about myself to be a rewarding, rich and deeply fulfilling path, and I hope to inspire others stepping onto this journey of exploration and expansion with me.

I find tantra to be a process with which we can grow into being a greater version of ourselves.  The path of the truly brave warrior.  When clients choose to invest in themselves by committing to regular tantra practice, its mind blowing to see the transformations, developments and changes that occur in their lives.  I know first-hand the powerful healing effects this work can have on those who allow themselves to open to the process; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I work with both men & women on a one-to-one basis as well as with couples of any sexual orientation.  Sessions start with an initial consultation ready to set the intention for the practise  before stepping into the work.  A session usually lasts 2-4 hours, allowing us to go deeply into the tantric practice.

My beautiful sunny temple is a safe welcoming space of non-judgement which allows you drop fully into your experience of pleasure and healing.

"Floating, vibrating, orgasmic, smiling, heaven, nirvana, bliss, thankful, appreciative... just some of the descriptions from today's session. Thank you"