Contact Me

Please feel free to phone me for an initial phone consultation.

Phone: 07387 348 355

Alternatively, do use the contact form to email me at the bottom of this page.  However I do prefer phone calls, and you're likely to get a quicker reply.


Please do not text unless its to find a convenient time to phone.

I don’t do business over text,  Whatsapp or any other media.

I only work 9-5pm Monday – Friday, therefore I do not answer calls or make bookings outside of this time.

Feel free to leave a message letting me know when you’re comfortable with me calling you back.

If you email me and don't get a reply within 24 hours its best to call me.


Location:  Just outside of Brighton, Sussex

I prefer to talk on the phone than email but please only leave your phone number if you're comfortable with me calling you between 9-5pm, Monday - Friday. If not please call me when its convenient for you, during those times.
Please specify in your message:
What has brought you to Tantra?
What appeals to you about working with me?
What would you like to get from a session with me?

"I just feel so looked after by Jem and her heart-focussed approach to Tantra."