Tantra for Couples

I work with couples, honouring any gender and sexual orientation.

Whether you've lost your spark over time, your bodies and their responses have changed from when you first met, or you wish to take your connection to a deeper level, my couples Tantra sessions and sex coaching can be tailored to your needs and boundaries.

Tantra is the space where beloveds can meet each other as Shiva and Shakti, as God and Goddess, as two Divine beings.

Creating space and time to be with our beloved intimately is vital to any relationship, but this precious time can get easily sacrificed when we get busy with work, children, life, or just grow too relaxed in each other's company, especially in long-term partnerships.

I hold a space where couples can invest in their relationship by exploring new gateways into intimacy, and find different opportunities for discovering pleasure with each other. These are valuable exercises, tools and techniques you will also be able to take home to practice and play.

I wish to assist you in reigniting desire for your beloved through exploring new territory, which allows you to see your lover through fresh eyes.  We can reframe the traditional role of penetration in sex, and become aware of our response to our own or our lovers genitals.

Working with me offers you a chance to rediscover and relearn your authentic pleasures together, expanding into true bliss. Together we create a safe, playful space of non-judgement where you are able to voice your needs and desires to each other, without blame or shame, and find a fresh way to connect.

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Multi orgasmic training