Does a Tantra session include sex?

No, this isn’t a sexual service.  This is an experience of connecting your sexual energy with your spirituality.  Sex is not required for that.

Please don’t be offended if I recommend you visit a professional sex worker instead, who I’m sure would better meet your needs.

Do I have to be naked?

We always work with what you are comfortable with.  You do not need to be naked if you do not wish.  You’re always in choice during your session. I will work within your boundaries.  However where hot oil massage is concerned it is a lot easier if you are.  Plus it can be liberating and nurturing to be witnessed and accepted in your full beauty, flaws and all.

Are you naked?

It is not important for the practitioner to be naked during a session, and infact often it can be a distraction to clients as the session is about you, your body and your experience within, not about having a titillating experience from external visuals.

However for some sessions i.e. hot oil massage, its practical for the practitioner to be wearing minimal clothing.

I always start a session fully clothed, or in a sarong.  If I feel uncomfortable or that your behaviour is inappropriate my clothing will stay on.

‘Nudist massages’ are offered elsewhere and are not to be mistaken for a genuine tantric experience.  If all you would like to do is to be massaged by a naked women, then I highly recommend you seek one out.

Can I touch you?

My Tantra massage sessions are one-way touch, as this is an important aspect of fully receiving and tuning into your own body without the distraction of external stimulus.

However as my work with returning clients continues to develop and they wish to work through my Tantra Coaching and Techniques sessions then two-way touch maybe required for certain elements of the practise, like learning about consent, or conscious touch for example.  But these are not first-sessions with new clients, and again only if I feel comfortable that my boundaries are being honoured.

Do I get to orgasm / ejaculate at the end?

Tantra is a non-goal orientated practise, therefore there is no aim for erection, orgasm or ejaculation.  If a ‘happy ending’ or ‘hand relief’ is what you’re after then please do seek the services of a sex professional, as I’m offering something completely different and much, much deeper in my opinion.

There is no shame around having an erection or ejaculation either however, its just not the main focus.

Why its good not to focus on ejaculation as an ‘ending’:

Once you ejaculate you can lose your erection, your desire and the connection with your partner.

When you learn to not focus on ejaculation as an end point there are 3 big aspects that you can look forward to experiencing:

Pleasure: Multi-orgasmic men can experience many kinds of orgasmic experiences in your body.  Also, more pleasure for your partner to be able to achieve a whole body multi-orgasmic state which can last hours.

Love: Practising ejaculation control means you can feel more love for yourself. Obsessive ejaculations can make you feel low.  Not chasing orgasm (with guidance) can make you feel more connected and loving with yourself. Cultivating this orgasmic energy means it can flow to everything else in your life as well as your relationship and your partner.

Power: One of the strongest instincts for men is to ejaculate fast as possible from pre-historic men to spread seed quickly when surrounded by potential dangers.  Managing to release the pressure of erection or ejaculating empowers you, and you can take that power into your relationships.  It has a powerful effect on all aspects of your life including your career, your health and your spiritual practise.