Tantra for Men

What would your intention be for your Tantra session?

To let-go, relax and surrender into pleasure?

To soften and receive nurture?

To experience something new?

To explore and enjoy raising the Lifeforce energy in your body?

I get everyone I work with to set intentions for our tantra sessions and I find this works particularly well with men.

Tantra is a non-goal orientated practise of sexuality, so can be particularly difficult for those of us who have always been used to people-pleasing, performing or wishing to ‘get somewhere’ with our touch.

Its important for men in particular to find a purpose to their sessions, and to understand why they are doing this practise. This is a discipline so it is important to cultivate a strong ‘why’.  What is the intention for opening up to tantra or becoming multi-orgasmic?

Why would you want more pleasure in your life?

With Tantra Massage its all about learning to receive fully and to just ‘be’ with whatever is going on in the body. At first it may seem like very little is going on, but that’s because the act of ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’ is often new to men in their sexual pleasure.  Male sexuality can be so reliant on outside stimulus like touching another, external visuals or porn.  But what Tantra offers is an opportunity to tune in to the subtle sensations within the body that the external over-stimulation we receive in daily life often overrides.

Tantra gives men the oppurtunity to step into being Shiva, your highest most Divine self.  Shiva is the God who uses sexual energy to transcend to higher states of awareness.

Would you like to learn a new way to be with your sexual energy that doesn’t require performance, effort or tension?A way which infact goes to a place which is above and beyond orgasm.

I often get asked before a session ‘Will I orgasm?’  But when you work with Tantra you will discover that the need to orgasm is no longer there as you experience something far bigger.  A multitude of blissful sensation throughout your whole being.  Orgasm and ejaculation become redundant.

Working with Tantra enhances your relationship with your entire body, including your genitals, which I either call Vajra or Lingham. By connecting more with your sex centre, but without the focus being on ‘doing’, the ending or performing, this can help with the following:

  • Erectile dissatisfaction (Erectile dysfunction)
  • Rapid ejaculation (Pre-mature ejaculation)
  • Separating orgasm from ejaculation (Ejaculation control)

Working with Tantra you soon find that the pressure of your own expectations only limits your pleasure.

I love working with men of all age, ability, size and orientation.

Tantra sees people through the eyes of the heart, therefore body shape and size become irrelevant.

Please see FAQs Here for the benefits of not focussing on ejaculation.

One to one

Multi orgasmic training


"What I so loved about the state I was in during your session was that the heart stayed open and remained the centre of the experience."