Multi-Orgasmic Training

Do you want to expand more into your pleasure?

Are you unsatisfied with your sexual experiences but not sure what changes need to happen?

My multi-orgasmic training is suitable for both men and women. It includes exercises which can be used both solo or in partnership with others.  But ultimately we want to know how to access and sustain your own inner fire.

The stages below are individual sessions and some may need to be repeated as this journey isn’t an exact science and we all have areas where we have greater or lesser blocks, whether created in our mind, our energy system or our physical body.

Below are my stages to becoming a multi-orgasmic being, but each session can also be worked on as a stand-alone experience.

  1. The Gateway: Tantra Massage -the Art of Receiving
  2. Melting into Intimacy
  3. Boundary Awareness
  4. Conscious Touch
  5. Conscious Connection
  6. Breath as Key
  7. Removing Blocks to Ecstasy
  8. Shadow Sexuality
  9. De-armouring Bodywork
  10. Vajra / Yoni healing
  11. Rosetta (or Prostate) Healing
  12. Full body Energy Orgasms
  13. Sexual Manifesting

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