Bespoke sessions for individuals and couples.

Each Tantra session is tailored to meet the intention of the client. My tantric practice includes massage, ritual, sensuality, tenderness, body work, healing ceremonies, manifesting, releasing blocks to accessing our pleasure and lots of laughter, playfulness and fun.  Minimum of 2 hours for first time clients.

An initial session would usually be a tantra massage, which is a gateway into an abundance of learning about your body, your limits and your capacity for receiving pleasure. 

As I work with clients over a period of time I can follow where the energy leads.  This allows the sessions to be more organic and playful, working with whatever presents itself emotionally and wishes to be shifted in the moment.

However, below are some set sessions I offer to give you an idea of how I work and what I can do.

  • Tantra massage
  • Tantric coaching and techniques session
  • Multiple Orgasm Training
  • Energy Orgasms
  • Body Empowerment
  • Healing: Vajra, Yoni or Prostate
  • Shiva or Shakti’s journey – 10-hour session
  • Sex Coaching

Also check out the Multi-Orgasmic Training Programme which is a series of one-to-one sessions aimed at building a multi-orgasmic body and lifestyle.


Tantra Massage

Tantra massage seems on the surface such a simple practice, but actually it allows you to access incredibly deep learning. 

This is a beautiful gift to give yourself. 

Can you fully receive, without the need to give back, or the pressure to perform?  Whatever comes up in the moment is honoured and accepted whether that’s bliss, arousal or emotions.

This exercise is one that people come back to time and time again as its truly life-changing to allow yourself this type of sacred touch without expectation.

Whether you are touch-starved and in need of nurture, busy and stressed and in need of relaxation, or know there is more to your pleasure and wish to experience a deeper connection between your sexuality and spirituality, this is the session for you. 

Tantra Massage works on tuning into the fine and subtle energy in our body that we so often override in our daily life.  When we give ourselves space and time to listen in to the bodies response to light, soft and slow touch,  it can be an incredibly healing, moving and erotic experience.

4-Handed Tantric Massage

A beautiful opportunity to experience a sacred 4-handed massage given by two gracious, sensual and caring Shakti Goddesses. Double the loveliness!

Alternatively, the massage can be given by a male and female practitioner on request.  Must be arranged with plenty of prior notice.


Tantric coaching and techniques session

Wanting to connect more with yourself and with others? A lot of what I’ve learnt in my Tantra training can be used in everyday life for greater connection, trust, and presence with lovers, friends and everyday contact.  We can explore these tips and techniques in the sessions.

Having greater presence in our lives and allowing vulnerability to lead to intimacy doesn’t just improve our sex lives and our relationships.  It expands into all areas of our life.  When I first started working with Tantra suddenly I birthed my first business which became a success overnight.  Money flowed abundantly and effortlessly to me. I started attracting new amazing high-quality people into my life, including deeper partnerships.

Why? Because I was happier in my skin, my inner-core had been strengthened and I was exploring who I really was on a very deep level.  Not just skimming over the surface of life.

The below micro-structures & exercises allow us to deepen our experience of the work, the rituals and tantra as a whole.  Simple on the surface, however they're not to be overlooked or underestimated.

  • Namaste
  • Soul Gazing
  • Melting Hugs
  • Sensual touch techniques
  • Breath work to extend arousal
  • Presence - to notice more
  • Slowing down
  • Permission games
  • Clear communication
  • Letting go of a goal
  • Chakra Healing Meditations
  • Heart Connection
  • Voyeurism, Exhibitionism and Spontaneity
  • Tantric threesomes
  • Energy work
  • Orgasmic Meditation

Energy Orgasms ~ aka the Full Body Orgasm

Are you ready to take your pleasure to the next level?

This is a popular session for those who have done a few Tantra massage and techniques sessions with me and are wishing to work with the energy they’ve found within their body through our work.

Energy orgasms are a world away from standard genital-based orgasms.

This allows men the experience of separating orgasm from ejaculation
And women who have had challenges with orgasms or believe they are non-orgasmic, find they are able to access this exquisite energetic experience - and indeed are often far more satisfied by it.

In an energy orgasm, fine and subtle ecstatic energies flow throughout our system transporting our sexual energy from our genitals right to the very tips of our fingers and toes, to the crown of our head and beyond, filling every cell in our being with pleasure and vital lifeforce.

This bliss state can last for days! 

I often have to make sure my clients are safe to drive before they stagger off into the distance after an  Energetic Orgasmic experience.

I also teach simple homework techniques to keep yourself topped-up with this vibrant lifeforce.

When I talk to my friends and clients about how I 'live life on the edge of orgasm', this is what I mean. The practise of Energy Orgasms keeps you boyuant and vibrationally high, making life's challenges easier to ride.


Body Empowerment

Our physical body is our vehicle in life and it’s the only thing that truly belongs to us. Therefore fostering a sense of ownership and fierce self-love for our own skin is so important.  Once we feel solid, loving and safe in our body, only then can we completely offer ourselves fully to life, to opportunities and to partners.

We all carry some shame or guilt around our bodies and our sexuality either from childhood, ancestral lineage or society, even without ever having experienced any specific trauma or abuse.  The modern world does not encourage us to enhance our natural pleasures and to open ourselves up to what that offers us.

Through my Body Empowerment sessions we look finely at what stories and messages we’ve received about our bodies and find ways to release anything which holds us back.  If we're holding stuff back in our bodies, then we are just holding ourselves back in life.

Get ready to step into your magnificence


Shiva or Shakti’s Journey

The ‘King or Goddess for a day’ experience allows you to dive deeply into the path of tantric ritual, exploration and conscious bliss. Spend 10 hours living within the nurturing care of the Goddess to energise, refresh and replenish your soul.   You will guided through a number of rituals during this playful yet sacred time.  Even amazing meals can be created for you, and eating can be part of the ritual.

(Also open to female clients, don't think that its just the men who get all the fun.)

Ceremonies can include:

  • Bathing ritual
  • Orgasmic meditation
  • Rosebud massage
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Healing rituals
  • Erotic breathwork
  • Full body sensual touch massage
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Erogenous zone massage
  • Sensual eating ceremony
  • Tantra chakra journey
  • Sacred soul gazing
  • Kundalini meditation
  • Conscious Kink
  • Pleasure/Pain play
  • 4-handed massage

A 10 hour long Shiva or Shakti Journey costs £850.


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