Tantra for Women

Do you allow yourself long, luxurious sensual experiences which allow your body to open fully into a state of bliss, in its own slow sweet time?

Have you ever experienced nurturing touch from someone without the expectation of it leading to sex?


Have you ‘put up’ with unsatisfactory touch in fear of offending?

Have you been touched without consent?

Have you struggled with your boundaries and using your voice?

Many women I meet struggle to put their own pleasure and boundaries first before their partners, their children or other life and work commitments.

But as the caregivers of the family, I advise women to ensure that through Tantra massage and bodywork that their lifeforce energy is abundantly overflowing. Then they discover they can meet life ‘full’ from a body, mind and spirit connection, allowing them to generously give without feeling depleted.

It is so important for women to receive touch from other women, removing any pressure or expectations that working intimately with a man or partner may bring.

We can release any expectation of having to perform, or ‘get it right’ for the other, and just allow ourselves to surrender to the exquisiteness of the subtle energy, found through fine unrushed touch.

Our bodies respond differently to that of men, therefore we need be touched in a very different way than what we’re probably used too.

But if you’ve never experienced it before how do you know what to ask for?

No one is to blame for this.  We just haven’t been encouraged to explore our own pleasure.

‘Touch with integrity’ is what I call non-goal orientated touch, and what I can offer my clients.  When our bodies experience this (many of us never have) we can fully blossom into a soft, sensuous pleasure which goes far beyond the friction-based touch, tension orgasms or penetrative sex we’re used to.

Whether you’re happily sexual, find pleasure a struggle or identify as non-orgasmic, you will benefit from visiting a female tantra practitioner.  There’s always more to learn about the intricate and unique female body and our pleasure responses which are ever changing.

‘Yoni’ is the Tantric term given to female genitalia, meaning sacred cave.  It has often been revered with wonder and mystery as to its workings.

Female pleasure works from a heart and Yoni connection.

If we take time to tune into our heart, we can truly hear what our bodies are trying to tell us about our own pleasure and with patience and acceptance we can start to learn from Yonis wisdom.

Then we can step into ‘Shakti’ the Goddess, and the highest divine version of ourselves.

For those who are wary of physical touch, you may be interested to learn about the Energy Orgasm aka Full Body Orgasm sessions I offer, which can be a hands-off energy experience.

One to one

Multi orgasmic training